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Maine is Maine

Couldn’t get to the shelter. Managed 9.8 miles in 10 hours. It’s raining now, but I’m in my tent. Not a great stealth spot, but it was here, the rain was starting, so I grabbed it. I hope it’s not a boggy spot. I guesstimated that it’s not, based on positioning (and it’s an existing spot). We’ll see! The rain’s just a soft regular rain, anyway, as opposed to a fast downpour. It’s supposed to end this evening.

Frogs +1. Which is, honestly, the only real update. 😁

Hikers, unless you ran out of food, stop eating the damn blueberries by the handful. There are these 1000-pound moose out here that need the blueberries to survive. You can go to the grocery store. The animals can’t. /grumpy

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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