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The tiniest frog

Frgs +1! It was the tiniest frog! Like… the size of my little fingernail!

Last night’s storm was epic. I woke up at 10, and it was raining so hard that the inside of the tent was a river, and everything was soaked, including half my sleeping bag. I stuffed the bag to minimize the damage and put on all my layers.It wasn’t enough, even with the puffy, and I never got warm enough to fall asleep (with the additional worry about whethet the pitch would hold—which it did). So here I am at the next shelter, drying things out.

I’m pretty sure I’ll hit the Kennebec on Saturday. Labor Day weekend!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

3 thoughts on “The tiniest frog”

  1. Hey Karma! Hate when my tent is a river. None of mine have ever held up in a real storm. Rough night you had. Cold as well. Ugh. Hang in there. Glad you can dry out at a shelter! I wouldn’t e talking to the wolves either. Immaturity can only be tolerated for so many miles. Again. Hang in there. I am imagining how great you will feel at the foot of Katahdin. You are doing this. You are amazing Karma. I’m headed to VA with Jennie again! Tuesday for 50 miles. Then up to Mass. Go Karma!!!

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