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These fords!

Mile 2091.8

These fords, man. These fords.

I think I must be sensitized from the Sierra, because these fords are really messing with my head. Scary! Even though, fechnically, they’re not really deadly except in the most general sense (ie, you can drown in a bathtub). They feel a lot scarier than the danger warrants. It’s the loudness, I think—at least in part. I wear earplugs to deaden the effect of the water’s roar, but I’m not sure it helps. It’s also a balance issue, like on the Knife’s Edge. I don’t want to fall in entirely and be soaked and cold, and have soaked gear. And under the water, the rocks are round and slick as oiled mirrors. Your feet just whoosh right off them, and the current can knock you off your feet. But the depth’s been OK—mostly knee level or a few inches higher. Two more inches, though, and I’d have a problem vis a vis my center of gravity.

I did two big fords today (by AT standards), and… although I don’t really trust my memory… I’m pretty sure the big fords are done now. Fingers crossed.

So. Rain. I passed Treetrunk going SOBO. He’s sleck-pecking because of his injury. But his situation’s taken a turn, like they do in Maine. His sister’s been hospitalized, and it’s very serious. He may have to fly home. And regardless, his injury’s acting in a way he doesn’t like; he’ll get that checked out during his follow-up tomorrow. Good luck, Treetrunk!

The one bit of news he shared was the weather. He said the hurricane’s supposed to be hitting Maine after 1 PM, and we’re supposed to get massive rain. I happened to have grabbed a forecast this morning, too, and it doesn’t sound nearly as dire. I’m wondering if he heard a coastal forecast, or some local TV fear mongering. Just to be safe, I stopped as soon as I finished up this last ford. I’m battened down in my tent. I was freezing anyway. Walking through rivers will do that.

I really need some warm, bright, sunny days. I know it’s late, but it’s still summer. It won’t get up to 80, but high 60s would be nice. It feels like it’s been forever since there was a stretch of days when the sun wasn’t patchy or wan, or the sky wasn’t gray. Everything’s damp and cold, all the time. Mostly, my New England’s been rainy,

But I’ll be home in less than 2 weeks! Can’t wait!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

4 thoughts on “These fords!”

  1. Hey Karma! You are in the home stretch. A lot of mixed emotions right now I would guess. It will be great to see your smiling face again. It has been a long six months. FYI, when stream walking I wear these cool things that slip on the bottom of my boots called Stream Trekkers. They have saved me from slipping and dunking on several occasions.
    Can’t wait to see your pic from the summit.
    Hang in there!!!


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