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Chairback! Not as scary as I remembered! Yay!

People keep asking if I’m a section hiker, then doing a weird double-take when I tell them I’m a thru. It makes me defensive, so I keep having to have a chat with myself.

Did that wide ford this afternoon. Mid-calf, gentle current. I really really hope that one was the last! Forgot to take a picture!

Mostly sunny today, mostly sunny tomorrow, but big rain tomorrow night.

No moose. I did see a frog, but I was all whatever about it. 😁

And that is all.

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

2 thoughts on “Chairback”

  1. Karma!!! Sorry I deserted you!!! I’ve been on the Trail in VA with my daughter. We did 50 miles together. The most time I have spent with her since she was a kid. I felt like a dad again. It was nice. We are very compatible on the Trail. (After 5 days) I’ll remember to make that the limit.
    I was at 798.1 when we finished so I drove down to Dragon’s Tooth and walked 2! Now I have 800.1! Not much by your standards but not too bad for an old jock. 😊🏕😂
    I just caught up on your fording. Slippery scares me more than heights. I had to help a guy down from Dragon’s Tooth. He got frozen with fear. I took his poles and his pack. He said he jumped out of planes in the service and was a firefighter, but never conquered the terror. I went up and came back down no prob. I guess he had enough fear for us both. I thought it was a cool climb. I was fresh which really helps.
    Inside 100 miles you are!!! I can hardly believe it! I can hear the love of the community in your voice and the love of the struggle. You are close now and you don’t hate it. So cool. You are such a bad ass!!!!!!
    It is a completely wonderful and unique experience you are having. Regular people will never get it. I have trouble, but I know how different it is up there on the ridge from the real world.
    I’m in Front Royal right now at a coffee shop. I don’t want to go home! I have to.
    I am proud to know you and call you my friend Linda. Gooooooooo!


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