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4 thoughts on “image1 8”

    1. I’m tentatively getting into Daleville on Wednesday, depending on how today goes. (The last couple of days have been rough.) I’m hoping to get a room at Super 8. If I get in by noonish, I was planning to do laundry then head down to the Kroger to resupply, then eat some sort of dinner, and head out early Thursday. Will you still be in town on Wedmnesday? If not, we’ll catch up up the trail! (FYI, I’m in a spot with no service, in the rain, so I’m unreliable about answering back. I’ll do my hest to check in, though. Text me! (Email doesn’t always come through.)


      1. Karma!!! My week has gotten full. Tuesday and Thursday I have medical stuff. It’s just too far for me to come on just Wednesday. Friday through a Monday I’m free. I’m going to look at Guthook and figure something out.


      2. Linda! I just rearranged my doctor stuff. I can come down Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday and spend the night. Which would suit you, so I can run you around and we can have dinner!!! Just let me know!


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