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[Dawn! Right Turn! Looks like you got to Crocker before I did, since my schedule exploded!]

Crocker is hard, hard, hard—at least, the NIBO ascent up South Crocker. The good news: I didn’t have to ford the Carrabassett River. Last time, I did. That’s the difference between a wet year and a good year, precip-wise. I’m currently camped up on South Crocker. Going down to the 30s tonight. That’s OK. I still haven’t broken out my puffy or my wool gloves for hiking. 😁

Expect light updating for the next 2 weeks. (The Hundred Mule Wilderness is in there anyway, with spotty cell service.) Gotta put the pedal to the metal! Tomorrow I’m heading into town for an unplanned resupply, and I’ll be there Tuesday also.

Tomorrow AM: Early start, North Crocker, then down to the highway for a 1 PM shuttle. Fingers crossed!

Author: Karma AT2019

Karma. On the AT.

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